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In support of Sharia Law

Posted on: 7 May, 2014



Being South East Asian, I can’t help but hear that Brunei has started to implement Sharia Law.

Being Muslim, I can’t help but say “alhamdulillah” and very much make dua for other Muslim countries, be it in South East Asia or other parts of the world to follow Brunei’s footsteps.

Then suddenly, Brunei was criticized left, right and centre for implementing Sharia Law.

It was to a point that celebrities are boycotting hotels belonging to Brunei. All because of one small article in the Sharia Law where homosexuals will be stoned or fined, without knowing (or even investigating) that gays won’t be stoned for being gay, unless they fornicate in public and witnessed by four honest adult Muslims. If their fornication was witnessed by a camera and was reported by someone to the authorities, the gay couple will only be fined, not stoned.

A friend of mine placed this image on her timeline and I’m sharing it here for the whole world to see.


The punishments such as getting stoned for adultery and homosexual practices, and cutting off the hand for theft is not as simple/straightforward as one might think.

Even then, to amputate a thief’s hand or to stone an adulterer need a 100% guarantee (without any reasonable doubt) that the thief/adulterer really did the act. If it is only 75% guarantee (beyond reasonable doubt), the thief/adulterer will only be fined or imprisoned, just as what is done in civil proceedings.

It is rather ironic how some people in the Western world wants to save Bruneians from their king.

Being South East Asian, I can’t help but note that the Bruneians are actually one of the most fortunate people in the world who has a king that they love and also loves them.

Income tax is not imposed upon them.
Education is free for them up to university level. They can choose to stop at high school but as citizens, they get scholarships to study undergraduate, Master or PhD locally or abroad. Non-citizens and citizens who did not have the grades necessary for scholarship pay only ~$6000 annually to study with professors who are paid that same amount monthly.
They get absolutely free healthcare, where citizens get wheeled to receive treatment in Singapore or Malaysia at the expense of the government if such treatments are not available locally.

Nevertheless, this backlash is a test from Allah. The Bruneians want to please Him, and He tests those who want to please Him.

It is our job as Muslims to study the Sharia law, explain it to the masses and support it.

Supporting the Sharia Law does not make me Bruneian. It makes me Human and it makes me Muslim.


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“The punishments such as getting stoned for adultery and homosexual practices, and cutting off the hand for theft only apply to Muslims and not Non-Muslims. ” From what I understand, that is incorrect. For example, see 69.(3), 55.(1), 82.(1) of the Syariah Penal Code Order 2013. Please do not try to pass incorrect information when there has been so much confusion about this already. Thanks.

Thank you for the correction. That paragraph is already edited.

Blah blah blah. You have been brainwashed because everything in your life is free. I feel so sad for you!

I never said that I’m Bruneian in the article, only South East Asian.

You meanwhile, has been brainwashed to be ignorant and not educate yourself on the issue at hand, and for that, I feel sad for you.

Sorry that comment was meant for Ovidia

Thanks for clearing it up.

Please do not interfere in issues that you have ZERO knowledge in

Please say that to the Westerners and Non-Muslims who are opposed to Sharia Law.
As I said, I defend and support Brunei’s decision to implement Sharia Law because I am a Muslim, even though I never said that I am Bruneian.

In your countries you practice freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, etc. It’s in your constitution It’s your political system, your national identity, your rights, your way of life.
In my country, we practice a Malay, Islamic, Monarchical system and we’re going to start practicing the laws of Islam, Sharia Law . Islam is in our constitution, our national identity, our rights, our way of life.
We may find loopholes in your laws and justice system and you may have found ours, but this is our country. Just like you practice your right to be gay, etc. for this world you live in now, we practice our rights to be Muslims for this world and the Hereafter. This is an Islamic country practising Islamic law. Why don’t you worry about your kids being gunned down in schools, worry about your prisons being unable to accommodate convicts, worry about your high rate of crimes and DUIs, worry about your high suicide and abortion rate, worry about whatever it is that you should be worried about THERE. Many religions are against homosexuality, it’s nothing new. The moment you hear that Islam and Muslims making a stand and trying to reaffirm their faith, you judge, you boycott, you say that it’s wrong, it’s stupid, it’s barbaric. Again, go back to those worries that you should focus on I’ve mentioned earlier. Is it not wrong to legalize deadly weapons, is it not wrong to allow unborn babies to be killed, is it not wrong to allow a lifestyle that results in AIDS and discontinuation of the next generation?
Why do you care so much what’s happening here in an Islamic nation when you didn’t even bat an eyelid about the Syrians, Bosnians, Rohingyas, Palestinians,etc. Thousands are being killed there and you don’t care, not one is killed here under this Sharia Law, and you make a big fuss, even when the citizens here who are directly affected by it, accepts it with peace. Punishments may be harsher but it does not mean it’s easier to be carried out. There are processes to go through before an actual conviction. We are fine with it, we are happy. BruneiUnited

It is a double standard at its best, Mrniceguy.
If these Westerners really hold on to these so-called freedom and Human Rights, then our Muslim brothers and sisters over there should have a right to practice their religion in the Muslim community.

In civil matters in many countries there’s nothing to stop people informally resolving disputes in accordance with religious rules, if all parties agree. But should it become a criminal matter, or an appeal to the state’s law, I don’t understand why it is a “double standard” to have only one law of the land, as determined by democratic government. Isn’t this a basic principle of most countries? How would a country with more than one equal legal system work in practice? There will come a time when both parties appeal to different legal systems, and one must somehow be chosen over the other. This is back to the case of one ultimate law of the land.

Thanks for the explanation. The comment has been edited.

Why do you think Muslims do not have a right to practice their religion in the Muslim community? I live in a western country and I have Muslim friends. They seem happy and unoppressed to me!

Then you are in a place/Western country that allows Muslim to practice their religion, thank you. It is good to know this.

UK. But which western country do you think doesn’t?

There’s France where we can’t wear headscarves at work, based on the cartoon “The Muslim Show”. That comic strip was drawn by a pair of French Muslim cartoonists showing their struggle to practice their religion.
There’s Australia where Muslim women are discriminated and harrased for wearing the headscarf, my cousin was a recepient to such harrasment in Sydney while some people yelled “go home you Arab” to a friend in Brisbane, that friend is actually an Asian Muslim. However, a friend who used to live in Perth said she was never subjected to harrasment when she was there.

That’s sad, I’m sorry it happened 😦

Thank you. Yes it is sad, but it is also due to those restrictions that an Islamic comic strip/studio was born in a secular country like France. It made the Muslims very creative in finding ways to practice their religion.

I do agree that Brunei should have the right to enact the Sharia law, as it would seem that the majority of their populace is okay with it.
However, when you argue that freedom goes both ways, which includes the right to practice the laws which are part of your belief system, it should also be possible for some people of Brunei(eg. Non-muslims) to opt out of the Sharia law system, however unlikely it might be. If not, how can you argue for the freedom to enact something when you deprive another of that same right? Would that not be hypocritical?

I hope I don’t sound too over critical though. I only mean to discuss, not insult.

I’m not sure if you’ve read my latest post where I explained that in certain secular countries, Muslim women cannot wear their headscarves at the workplace/school due to the workplace/school’s rules and regulation, even though such rules and regulations go against their beliefs, they abide by it by taking off their headscarves as soon as they enter workplace/school and place it back on as soon as they exit.
In fact, there is a niqab (face veil) ban in France, where Muslim women who usually wears niqab in public are forced to not wear it in public or pay a fine.
Again, if some people (non-Muslim women) can choose to wear indecent clothing in France in the name of freedom without getting fined, the Muslim women who want to wear niqab in public can choose to wear them in the name of freedom as well, but instead they are fined if they wear the niqab in public.
The same goes with the Non-Muslims in the country, as they are currently living in an islamic country, they will have to abide to the rules of an islamic country, even if it might be contradictory to their belief and opinion as the Muslims living in secular countries has to abide to the rules of the secular countries as well, despite such rules going against their beliefs and opinions.
As for the Sharia law, it only applies to the Non-Muslim for cases such as:
A. Theft,
B. robbery,
C. causing death,
D. causing hurt,
E. contempt of Prophet Muhammad, F. deriding verses of Al-Quran or hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad)
G. indecent behaviour,
H. disrespecting the fasting month.
2. In cases such as the ones listed below, it only applies to Non-Muslims subject to circumstances:
A. Adultery if committed with a Muslim.
B. Drinking intoxicating liquor in public places such as in the middle of the city, not in private functions or at home.
C. Being in close proximity with a Muslim of the opposite gender (one man and one woman).
I hope the explanation above helps.

Wait. Sorry, I’m getting a little confused. You’re saying that ultimately the country should have the final say, even if it’s unjust? That the minority have to ultimately cater to the majority in a country.

So you are supporting France banning women from wearing the hijab in certain places? Because, frankly I think that rule is a bit absurd in my opinion.

But okay, although I disagree with your viewpoint, I acknowledge that that’s a valid viewpoint as well. Thanks for sharing.

Nope. I don’t support France at all. I consider that rule absurd as well. It would be absurd for me to support a country where I do not have the freedom to wear my full headscarf if I were a student there, as I am very proud to wear my full headscarf.

I only used that as an example of minorities having to follow the law and ideology of the country where they are staying.

There must be a reason why theft, robbery and murder cases also apply to Non-Muslims in Brunei with regards to Sharia law.

I don’t know why, but perhaps (this is just my perspective, it does not represent anyone else’s viewpoint), this is so that the non-Muslims intending to commit crime within the community would think twice before doing so and not use their religion to escape punishment, instead of getting their limb amputated (if there is no doubt that the thief is guilty) or a prison sentence (if there are sufficient evidence beyond reasonable doubt that the thief is guilty).

Sharia law in Brunei is actually made up of two parts, one that is prescribes by Islam, in accordance to Quran and the Sunnah (the Prophet’s way), and another part is ta’zir, a man-made law, which is very similar to civil law.

The first part needs evidence to show the person is guilty without a doubt, while the second part needs evidence to show the person is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. There is a difference in these two.

Not only that, in Sharia law, the accused/defendant is considered innocent until it can be proven that the accused/defendant is guilty, whereas in Civil law, the accused/defendant is considered guilty until it can be proven that the accused/defendant is actually innocent.

Someone shared the pdf distributed by the Bruneian authorities in this comments thread. Maybe you can read it to understand it better.

This argument has logical fallacies. You focus on the background of people making the counter-arguments rather than the arguments themselves (their country isn’t perfect, therefore they can’t criticize mine). You ask irrelevant questions designed to elicit an emotional response rather than a logical discussion of the current issue (DUI, abortion, etc. Regardless of one’s opinion, their occurrence in western countries is not relevant to Sharia law in Brunei) . You make assumptions about the character of the other side (“you didn’t even bat an eyelid about the Syrians..” How do you know that?). You also speak for others without authority (“We are fine with it, we are happy” – everyone in Brunei is? you know that for a fact?)

No, really, we, bruneians are fine with it, it’s a fact. I’ve seen a lot of people who support the law, and talked to people about this, they are totally fine, we are fine and relieved.
Why worry when you are not criminal? why worry when you’re not going to do any crimes? Just be a good person you are, that’s it.
Don’t do anything indecent in public for the lesbians and gays. Eventhough I’ve Never seen any gay or lesbians before here in Brunei(though I heard rumors there is one, a pair of middle/high schools students, it’s just a rumor though), but there are soft boys that look like gay or girls that look like tomboy, but that doesnt mean anything. Even if the girls said that their girl friend is their girlfriend(I’ve seen a lot of people do this), doesnt mean they are lesbians, they said they don’t want to be in a relationship, so they use the excuse or they said it because they are bestfriend forever, so they called girlfriends as in they value their relationship as of now.

Again, you can’t talk for everyone. When most people (I don’t doubt that) are in support of it, and the people who aren’t in support of it might be persecuted under it, they are not going to publicly advertise their opposition, as it may hurt them later. I don’t believe being gay is wrong, so the old “why worry if you’re not a criminal” argument doesn’t convince me here. Even without the law, I get the sense Brunei is a very conservative country on these matters, so it’s no surprise you’ve never seen any except for rumours. I can almost guarantee you have seen some, they just keep it secret.

True, we cant talk for everyone, I am fully aware of that, but the previous statement is kind of invalid because people around the world(presidents, leaders, everybody) always talk for everyone regardless who likes it or not/the majority or not, so I had to generalised it. The bottom line is there are people who likes it and not.. And again, true for the ‘the people who aren’t in support of it might be persecuted under it, they are not going to publicly advertise their opposition, as it may hurt them later’ because Sultan is the absolute ruler and they are the minority. Sultan said “We don’t have to find people that will like or not, we just want them to respect us just like we respect them”
but again, like I mentioned earlier, ‘there are people who likes it and not’. But those people who don’t like it, may be because of 1). They don’t understand it, pretty much what happened around the world right now, boycotting and 2). people who understand it but don’t appreciate, especially, bruneians ourselves if we don’t like. Besides, why busy boycotting when we, a small country, implementing, when Saudi and other bigger countries did it way earlier? why no ruckus back then, like what just happened right now? People are fast to see the bad side, but not the good side eh? if we compare the two laws, the sharia, the Brunei one, particularly(just to be safe because they might have differences in different countries) and the civil law, the sharia law are more humane, I assumed people dont know this?…

…I also know that, you guys really dont like about the gays and the lesbians punishment. But just act good in public is not easy enough? come on! If that’s hard, then people really taking everything that Sultan gives forgranted, Sultan gave bruneians everything(from free health care/education to no taxes whatsoever), then if, I said if Sultan takes it back, I bet everyone loses their mind and starts to talk bad about Sultan, now that’s taking it forgranted if it really does happen which I think we mustn’t. Here, in Brunei, we don’t even force women to wear hijab, women are able to drive unlike in Saudi and many more, what Sultan wants is just for people to act decent in public, especially for gays and lesbians, it’s not that hard. oh yeah about the “I can almost guarantee you have seen some, they just keep it secret.”, sorry to say that but I’ve never really see one honestly, never, only soft men and tomboyish-looking girl, but they are still normal, by normal, I mean, they are heterosexuals, in a relationship with opposite gender, normal things(have doubt whether I’m telling the truth or not? I’m telling the truth, why lie when it can bring more problems after it is exposed, it’s for you to decide you’re going to trust me or not in this though). I won’t say there is none, but as far as I know, I only heard rumours about one pair of gay middle schoolers, I hope it’s just a rumour, even if it’s true, well if they are still young or as long as they don’t do anything indecent in public, which I think they won’t because here in Brunei, even kissing between couples(students, etc) is kinda rare in public(I don’t want to explain more on this), they won’t get stoned.
Sultan once said “Do not pay any attention to what others say about us here in Brunei because they do not know the way we know what it is to be Bruneian and how it is in Brunei.” so yeah, it’s hard to explain to outsiders.

How ironic people always say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ but look at what happen right now, still judge without understand it?. is the quote only to be use to gain likes at facebook? instagram? and other websites? is the quote only be use by ugly people, when actually they have beautiful hearts(personality)? or some random people who others think they are bad or for people who desperately want to be in a relationship?Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance. People always said “such a backward thinking”, I do not agree with what they said, why? all of us, around the world, still use the knowledge of the past, some things. If people said that we think backward, then, all of us are the same also, again, how ironic. And also, people always say to not fully trust the media, but look at people right now? how ironic. You do know that media always exaggerating any topics especially the interesting ones? and after that, people always act blindly????? come on, just how ironic people are? And also I’ve read it somewhere that people want to save us from diabolical ruler? you want to stop the sultan? oh come on, we even supported it!!! we defending it, we defend our country, the law, and the sultan, dont act as if you are the savior to all mankind, don’t say as if we are tortured here, we are not!! Stop Taliban-like laws? do they even know about Talibans? terrorists? Muslims are called terrorists after 9/11, do they even know the truth behind that tragedy? even if they know, they are some people that are still ignorant and still think Muslims are terrorists? why? follow your friends? follow the majority of the people around you so that you wont get isolated? because Muslims kill people? that’s bullshit, everybody around the world is killing people. Ever heard of professionalism? for example. people still money or people who made others signing contracts(not all though but there are, using other excuses? to cover that you’re stealing people’s money?). same as killing, professionalism, agents? groups? organisations? Oh yeah, don’t forget, who is the mastermind that directly or indirectly cause the killings and the tragedies?

But both of us should agree that people who are boycotting at various places are stupid because…
1). they don’t understand it,
2). they think we, Bruneians, are suffering and victims to the law, when actually, we still live our life normally and we supported the law.
3). boycotting at hotels are stupid as the law does not apply there and the employers, the workers there don’t do anything wrong.
4). they just boycotting, following friends/families/celebrities’ actions.(maybe)

But I really praising you for wanting to know more about Sharia law. It’s better to know than hating something without understanding it. I hope you can find answers that you want, if not, ask scholars or whoever knowledgeable about this around your place. Oh yeah, to be honest, I’m not that good in english, so I hope you understand and sorry if I look like I’m rude. Peace, no war, BruneiUnited.

Oh yeah I just remembered about that gay/lesbian thingy, if students, I heard rumours about one pair of gays, never seen one, never heard other than the rumours. If married couples…I do know one, transgender though, my mom’s friend, a transgender from male to female is married to a man. If this is also included, then I don’t know if they punished it, ask who is more knowledgeable about this, or scholars around you, though I think they will not punish because of certain reasons.

For more info, you can read and understand about our law..

I’m one of the Bruneian, and we support the Sultan.

Thanks! I have the handouts from attending one of the briefings. It was the one catered for the youth (belia I think in Malay). It was actually quite good.

If you love sharia law so much, I guess you’ll be taking your next holiday in Northern Nigeria or Banda Aceh will you mrniceguy? Instead of Singapore or KL or Miri or any of the free places Bruneians actually go to.

So Western powers should never interfere in another country? What about a situation such as Bosnia, where there is genocide against Muslims or in Rwanda with genocide against Tutsis? Clearly the world powers should step in when there is serious persecution in a country.

Ironically, if you actually did your research instead of parroting fellow facebookers, you’d see that the main voices of opposition against atrocities against the Rohinga, Palestinians, Bosnians are Westerners. For example, there are many Western based lobby groups currently lobbying against the Burmese to make sure there are no more massacres. It’s through Western media outlets that you even know about the situation there. What are you doing about it mrniceguy? You have to wonder why rich Muslim countries (Brunei, Saudi Arabians, Emirates) never help out their fellow Muslims? Too busy enjoying their luxury lifestyles?

People are worried that there will be serious persecution in Brunei so they are voicing their concerns. I would agree that the main boycott Brunei protesters actually know very little about Brunei. But how to explain to them the real situation?; they’re pretending to implement a law that they won’t actually implement because it doesn’t work. Can’t convict a rapist because there weren’t four male witnesses – go back to the trusty Western devised civil court. Don’t want CCTV footage to mean thieves are getting are getting de-limbed left right and centre – pretend that video footage isn’t sufficent evidence under Sharia. Don’t want a murderer to get off scot free by paying blood money – try him under the civil court. Imagine if Sharia law was the only law in Brunei. Women wouldn’t be able to go anywhere alone, for one.

My house in Brunei was robbed by a young Malay Bruneian. When I met him he just seemed like a young man who got in with the wrong crowd and made some silly mistakes. Hopefully he can do his time and learn from his mistakes and grow into a happy, prosperous Bruneian citizen. Under sharia he would lose a limb and never have the chance to re-integrate into society.

We can debunk the whole tougher penalties equals less crime nonsense right here too. Did the death penalty stop all drug crime in Brunei, or do we still read about it on a daily basis? The punishment should fit the crime. When very harsh penalites are given out, people will take drastic measures to stop being caught. The Chinese once thought “let’s give 10 years in jail to illegal taxi drivers”. The result? If the taxi drivers thought they were about to be caught they went a wild rides killing passengers and pedestrians, because they’ve got nothing to lose. The Americans thought let’s have a three strikes rule for repeat minor offenders. Ever seen those American high speed life-jeopardising car chases on TV? That’s some guy who has a fake licence trying to avoid 15 years in prison because he has two prior misdemeanours. You confront an intruder in your house in Brunei, you are a witness to his crime, he may face very severe punishment. Does he have to kill you now?

And the whole “nothing to worry about if you’re a law abiding citizen” nonsense. Maybe you really are that clean, but are all your nieces and nephews and sons and daughters never going to make a mistake? Do you really want them to get caned and jailed for falling under peer pressure and getting caught with beer?

Why do you continue go on about injustices against Muslims (Rohingyas, Palestinians, etc) but never express condemnation of atrocities committed by Muslims. After all the Syrian situation is Muslims killing Muslims. There are the sharia loving Boko Haram massacreing whole vilages and kidnapping school girls for sex slaves, and the insurgents in Southern Thailand beheading Buddhist monks, but none of you have the guts to criticise them. Is it because you believe in Muslim rights but not human rights? Outraged when a muslim is harmed but couldn’t care less when it’s a non-muslim? It’s not a very defendable position, I don’t think.

If you are really feel anti-Western deep in your heart, then you must abandon all of the creature comforts gifted to you by centuries of Western innovators. Goodbye car, cement houses, internet, electricity, air-travel, telephones and digital entertainment. Hello subsistence living in Kampong Ayer with 60% infant mortality and a life expectancy of 35. Otherwise you are a hypocrite. Enjoying the spoils of Western civilisation and bad-mouthing them at every turn.

My house in Brunei..seems you’ll take whatever good for your pocket. Then you bad mouthed Brunei. Hypocrite? Who’s talking.

The reply that you read by mrniceguy was actually a reply by the Brunei govt towards westeners who are boycotting, condemning etc the sharia law.
Hudud is in plural form. The singular form is spelt as Had(pronounced as Hut).
Had means to restrict or to limit. Therefore laws as we know are meant to restrict offenders or prevent offending. BUT if you insist on going against, or showing open defiance by going against the laws as stated not by Human but as instructed by the Creator. Sanely, in the civil world, you are punished for an offence. Thing is, how balanced are they. No one not even us layman knows. Its the ppl who abuse the powers know.
This debate can go on forever n ever. Westeners have the idealism and Muslims have their guidelines. Should any sane human does any offence, they should face the consequence. Regardless of religion.
We are humans after all and wont escape death and judgement.
Before I end, I jus wanna inform everyone reading… instead of looking out for the flaws or negative, take the positive and apply. And respect for each other instead of criticising.

“Ironically, if you actually did your research instead of parroting fellow facebookers, you’d see that the main voices of opposition against atrocities against the Rohinga, Palestinians, Bosnians are Westerners. For example, there are many Western based lobby groups currently lobbying against the Burmese to make sure there are no more massacres. It’s through Western media outlets that you even know about the situation there. What are you doing about it mrniceguy? You have to wonder why rich Muslim countries (Brunei, Saudi Arabians, Emirates) never help out their fellow Muslims? Too busy enjoying their luxury lifestyles?”

Nonsensical unsubstantiated statements. Where are these “main voices”? Where are the statistics? If this were the case, why are Western governments more concerned with Boko Haram than interfering in these other countries? And yes, just recently the United States passed a House Resolution to protect Burmese Muslims, but thats after 2 years of slaughter and displacement — and they’ve known since day one that it’s been happening. Sung Kyi still has her Nobel Prize.

I agree that many Muslims countries are living it up and and not assisting others, but you seem to forget that many of the same countries you’re thinking of (Saudi Arabia, for instance) are funded by Western nations — mass investments go into them to keep them in check, fat and lazy. Egypt comes to mind — hate the Muslim Brotherhood?; lovely, so I’m guessing Sisi’s rise to power and slaughter of thousands is hated even more right? Not a peep from the “civilized” West, only silence in wait of capitalistic opportunities. Perhaps you’d like to start a hastag campaign to keep up with your superiority complex?

“But how to explain to them the real situation?; they’re pretending to implement a law that they won’t actually implement because it doesn’t work. Can’t convict a rapist because there weren’t four male witnesses – go back to the trusty Western devised civil court. Don’t want CCTV footage to mean thieves are getting are getting de-limbed left right and centre – pretend that video footage isn’t sufficent evidence under Sharia. Don’t want a murderer to get off scot free by paying blood money – try him under the civil court. Imagine if Sharia law was the only law in Brunei. Women wouldn’t be able to go anywhere alone, for one.”

So many misconceptions here. If you’re going to criticize something, learn about it first. Four male witnesses aren’t necessary for rape conviction. The testimony of the woman alone and indirect evidence can also count. Witnesses are not the ONLY form of evidence. Only in certain acts is it absolutely necessary (such as zina). That enough disqualifies the rest of this comment.

My house in Brunei was robbed by a young Malay Bruneian. When I met him he just seemed like a young man who got in with the wrong crowd and made some silly mistakes. Hopefully he can do his time and learn from his mistakes and grow into a happy, prosperous Bruneian citizen. Under sharia he would lose a limb and never have the chance to re-integrate into society.

You have a very delusional perspective of the penal system. Cutting off a limb for the most extreme form of theft doesn’t mean someone cannot be reintegrated into society, Losing a limb doesn’t make someone completely dysfunctional. Further, after the punishment they go back into society immediately. So unless you have something against people without limbs and feel they have no right to integrate, then I can see your point, but I’d think you’re far more cruel than what you’re arguing against.

What does your system do? Puts them in a cage with other criminals for years and years AWAY FROM SOCIETY. Rehabilitation? Please. Do you even bother to read the statistics regarding this? In the U.S., for instance, nearly 50% of all prisoners GO BACK TO JAIL in the first year of being released, because they CANNOT integrate into society.

Your logic is extremely flawed.

We can debunk the whole tougher penalties equals less crime nonsense right here too. Did the death penalty stop all drug crime in Brunei, or do we still read about it on a daily basis?

Deterrence doesn’t claim to prevent ALL crimes or criminals from doing things. But deterrence generally works.

Let me give you a small example. Many people speed when there are no cops around. Many people don’t speed when there are cops around. Why? Because they are deterred by the possibility of being punished severely. No one wants to pay fines because they’re usually so high. If the price of a speeding ticket was $5 no one would care.

The higher the punishment, the more scared MOST people will be. Those who have “nothing to lose” are people who already have nothing to lose. That won’t change. Lowering the bar on punishment doesn’t help anyone either.

But we should also be fair in that punishment is not the only way to prevent crime. Education and social needs being met also helps to prevent crime. Until you have a balance between the two, you won’t truly be able to measure the success or failures of the legal system.

If you are really feel anti-Western deep in your heart, then you must abandon all of the creature comforts gifted to you by centuries of Western innovators. Goodbye car, cement houses, internet, electricity, air-travel, telephones and digital entertainment. Hello subsistence living in Kampong Ayer with 60% infant mortality and a life expectancy of 35. Otherwise you are a hypocrite. Enjoying the spoils of Western civilisation and bad-mouthing them at every turn.

I love these sort of comments and I hear them all the time. “If you hate the West, get rid of all your pretty technology from the West”. Not only does it reek of arrogance, but profound ignorance as well.

Earth to Zee Linn, the West is not the ultimate source of everything we have and own. The West did not one day magically pop out all this stuff for us to use — its based on generations and generations of scientific endeavor by many civilizations prior.

Your argument is ridiculous. If you really want to go down that road let me just say that YOU should give up all this nice technology, since without the Muslims from the Islamic Golden Age (which lived under Sharia) having invented the foundational mathematics and science necessary, none of this stuff would even exist.

Now please try to come up with a more substantive argument.

Thank you for the well thought out reply.

I have a question which I don’t understand from reading this article. Is it legal or illegal for homosexuals to have sex in private under this law? For example, “If their fornication was witnessed by a camera and was reported by someone to the authorities” – what happens if they are in private and someone secretly films them and releases the tape. Who would be punished here?

Sodomy and homosexuality is a taboo topic in Brunei, as I was led to believe by many Bruneians. Thus the topic of sodomy and homosexuality in hudud was not explained in detail by the authorities.
If someone releases the tape to the public and not to the authorities, then I do not know the answer.
If you are in Brunei, please ask the local authorities. If you are not in Brunei, please go to a mosque/muslim society / muslim community and ask the imam.
As warned by Zul Selamat, I do not want to spread false information.

In that case, I don’t understand this article. It appears to suggest that despite Sharia law, homosexuals will not be mistreated in Brunei and therefore westerners are overreacting. But you can’t say the conclusion of the image you post (“just be morally decent in public, what is so difficult in understanding this?”), is correct.

Bob, use your freaking common sense. If lets say someone put a camera into another person’s house without the owner’s consent, just to catch them having unmarried sex — that’s not likely to happen under the new law in Brunei, because then the person who put a camera into that other person’s house (without the owner’s consent) could be punished for doing ”Sariqah.”
‘Sariqah pertains to “an act of removing by stealth a movable property from the ‘hirz’ or possession of its owner, without the consent and with the intention to deprive him thereof” or in other words, theft.’ Should’ve done your homework.

Can i share the picture and ths post link?…so that people out there know about The Shariah law..people hate what they dont understand…moral of the story learn before you speak…btw i love and support your post..i like it 😀

Go ahead. It’s meant to shared. 🙂

so you are basically saying if 4 adults muslim witness the event then they(homosexual) will be stoned and kill; but if they are caught in a camera or recorded in tape they will just receive a fine, Isn`t watching a recording tape is also equivalent to four adult muslim witnessing it.Basically this TAPE will eventually be watch by the muslims(syriah officers).

As I was saying, it is not as straightforward as you make it sound like. The four adult Muslims must be someone who is very honest and very very pious.

If it is recorded by camera, how can you tell that it is genuine? There are lots of faked videos out there.

That’s why the Muslim or Non-Muslim (if the partner is Muslim) who commits adultery/sodomy, and then caught by camera, they will only be fined or whipped or imprisoned.

And it is Sharia officers, not syriah. Please get your spelling right.

How will the four adult Muslims be determined? Honesty is something that is not very easy to measure and can be faked. Same goes for how pious one is.
Truthfully, I’m not against the law being implemented, however, it’s just really hard to understand some things when the details are not very well explained. This is quite a big change and the authorities have not been giving enough explanations.

When I attended the explanation session, the authorities did state that it is very hard to find such people in this day and age.
That’s why there’s ta’zir (fine or whipping or imprisonment), for evidence usually used in civil court proceedings like cctv footage.
I understand what you mean, I’m not sure if you’ve attended any of the briefings, but if you have yet to do so, please do so or ask your Muslim friends who has attended the briefings for explanation.

Is it 4 Muslim men or 4 Muslim adults, including women?

According to the briefing, for adultery/homosexuality, the four Muslims must be men.
However, if all witnesses are women, it will still be considered credible evidence but the fornicators won’t be stoned, they will either be fined or whipped or imprisoned.

Do you consider that fair? Why are women considered less honest than men?

In certain cases, women can become witnesses, such as an unintetional murder case or a case where there is intention to cause harm which then causes death, where there must be two female witnesses and one male witness.
I will ask your question to someone more knowledgeable, Bob. You raised a point there.
I’ve asked your question to a friend who studied Sharia as an undergraduate. She said that the reason only men can be witnesses for adultery/sodomy cases is because women can get overly emotional, and it is feared that their emotion at the time can influence their testimony. She did mention to me that Islamic scholars has discussed about these issues but she has forgotten what the scholars has discussed.

You accept this? And don’t question that it is a product of female discrimination?

It is not female discrimination as I see it, because as a woman, I understand that sometimes I myself get overly emotional on issues that involves sexual relationships and adultery/sodomy cases can be seen as such issues.
Besides, in the early days of Islam, it actually liberated women, not discriminate them. It is very different from cultural Islam that exists in some Muslim-majority countries that discriminates women.
In Brunei, as I see it (and as pointed out by the article I shared in a new post), women are not discriminated here, not at all.

Why don’t you think men are at risk of becoming emotional about such issues? It is sexual discrimination, you have just been raised to accept it part of being a women. It’s not. I know men who get emotional and women who are cold as stone. Everyone is different. Such a sweeping rule about women witnesses is unfair.

You raised a good point there.

However, as mentioned by my friend, women being seen as emotional to such issues is not the only reason.

There must be other reasons why women cannot be witnesses to adultery/sodomy case and to know the other reasons, I need to ask a scholar or at least someone who is more knowledgeable in Sharia.
I will get back to you on it, insyaAllah.

In the mean time, you mentioned that you have Muslim friends, so I reckon that you may be acquainted with a Muslim community. In France (at least according to the Muslim Show comic strips), there is usually a Muslim scholar (an imam) in a Western Muslim community. You might want to also ask them for their opinion.

There are lots of Islamic scholars in UK actually, there’s Tariq Ramadan in Oxford and there’s this institute called “Al-Maghrib” in Bristol as well.

There are standards of proof required for hudud punishments and if the standard could not be met then they only be charged under civil law [ta ‘ziir]. To be the witness to the event, it must be happened in front of you, on the spot. [must have seen the act in its most intimate details, eyewitnessing the actual sexual intercourse] and it must be 4 muslim men witness the event with healthy state of mind, not biased, very honest and very pious. So by watching the recording tape only, the couple will not be charged under shariah law. They will be charged under civil law.

What I am worried about is the fact that the law will impact on a non muslim’s life. I understand that the majority are Muslims but making non muslims answer to an Islamic law is kinda like asking a Christian to answer to Jewish law just because they live in a majority Jewish country.
For example, it was stated in the media that a Bruneian non-muslim will be breaking Sharia law by drinking overseas in a publicplace. I am a Bruneian non-muslim who has family from a neighbouring predominately Muslim country that does not have Sharia law. To celebrate our culture and festivals we do drink alcohol. In fact at weddings we toast the bride and groom. Am I to understand that I can no longer do so?
I have heard that Sharia law will protect the Malay and Muslim way of life in Brunei. I just hope that the relevant authorities remember that Brunei consists of more than just Malays and Muslims. There are Chinese and indigenous tribes who live here too. Hopefully, in peace.

You can ask your question to the relevant authorities, Sabrina, for clarification on the matter.

Just what is the purpose of writing a post to rebut the attacks against Sharia law only to turn away people with genuine questions about it to the “relevant authorities”? It seems that Sabrina raised a very good, valid point against the implementation of the law and you don’t have a response to this?
If you are going to tell everyone with a question to speak to the “relevant authorities” then maybe you should have left this post in its entirety to these so-called authorities.

I will only answer questions that I know the answers based on what was explained to me.
In Sabrina’s case, she’s in Brunei, she can ask the authorities during the briefings and I don’t know the answer to her question.
As warned by Zul Selamat earlier on, I do not want to spread false information.

First and foremost do not believe everything that had been stated in the Media.
In regards to the intoxicating drinks, pursuant to Section 104 (1) -(4) of the Brunei Syari’ah Penal Code Order, generally speaking, it is confine to Muslim.
However, Section 104(5) states that ‘any non-Muslim who drinks liquor or any intoxicating drink in public place is guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $8,000, imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years or both. Clause (6) further mentioned on ‘any non-Muslims who sells, advertise, serves and offer intoxicating drink to Muslim
The Code does not mentioned it is an offence for a non-Muslim who drinks liquor abroad.
You also have to be clear about what is public place and what is private place. About the wedding ceremony, is it held in public place or private place? Your culture and festival, should be celebrated among you in private place and not involving Muslims, right? Think of it.

No, drinking alcohol abroad in public is not punishable by Syaria. The law only applies in Brunei, not in other countries as well. So there’s no problem if you want to drink openly in public abroad.

Allah gives brain to us and some misuse theirs by condemning the rules of Allah. They think they can outsmart the Creator, looking for loopholes in the Quran when there are none. What a tiresome effort! Yet, Allah is still giving and giving generously. We who realize the ending of this and fear the wrath of Allah, may we be given more strength to defend Islam for the sake of Allah. Even if it means we are to die because of that. It is not easy, life is full of tests, one after the other. To Allah we ask, we hope we pass. May Allah bless you and me, there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad saw is the Messenger~

Jazakillah for the reminder sister.

Jazakillahu khoiran khatheera

Wajazaki 🙂

I love Brunei,proud to be a Bruneian,Allah Hu Akbar

Well written article. Sadly, implementation of the new law is nowhere close to perfect. Only time will tell

Thank you. As humans, we will never be perfect as only God is perfect, but that does not mean that we could not rectify our mistakes.

Alhamdulillah…I really like those explanation and i hope the one who against the shariah law will understand it…as a muslim shouldn’t afraid about the law as long as we don’t do the forbidden things.Everything we do is for Allah and He will leads us to Jannah eventhough there are many obstacle.
If someone against the shariah law,then we will against them…
I’m proud to be a bruneian muslim who live in such a small country with few entertainment,where some people don’t know its existence only after the implemented of the law and with a beloved muslim king who’s so kind and brave(I salute him) eventhough some people might disagree with him as our king knows that what’s better for us and remind us tht this world only temporary…:D

Hi *wave*
Im a non muslim Bruneian. I have heard all the different versions of the punshiments being spread. Its like watching a tennis match. At the end of the day, all I can say is , we have nothing to fear of. The law wont bite you if you do not commit those crimes. Everywhere we go, we are bounded by the rules & regulations of each country. At the end of the day, as residents or watchers, we just have to remain realistic and stop making assumptions which can lead to missunderstanding.

Hi *wave back*
Exactly the point. There’s nothing to fear if one does not commit such crimes.
Anyhow, educating ourselves is very important to stop us from making assumptions.
After all, as a lecturer of mine likes to say, when we assume, we make an ass out of u and me.

Reblogged this on [ Wina Yassin ] and commented:
* Worth your time reading this. I assure you. Spread the words.
The clearest I’ve read by far. Not condemning in any way. Neutral presentation.
This is an example of how a muslim should act. We are not people of anger. We do not act angrily to the negativity or the lashes we received from the world who did not understand the beauty of Islam as we did.
So, it is in our hands, our job to make them see that we meant well.
Even our most beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once set an example of how we should act to this kind of situation
It was told by Anas bin Malik (& retold loosely by me) –
That one day while they were in a mosque with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), somebody came and urinated the mosque. They did not approved of the act and try to stop the man (logically with anger and roughness I presume) but instead, our always understanding and kind-hearted Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stopped His companions from doing so and told them to just let that man be and let him finish his business.
After a while, when the man had finished his business, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) called him over and kindly told the man to not do such thing to any mosques because mosques are the place for the remembrance of our Creator, Allah SWT. (loose retelling okay?)
Then, only after relaying the advice, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) poured a bucket of water to the urinated area to cleanse it. -end-
My point here, and I must say, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) point here is to be understanding, treat people with kindness and respect (does not matter if they are due for the good deeds or not)
Apply this basic advice from the story above to how the world are treating our Religion, our Sultan and our Country, insyaAllah (with the will of Allah) things will be made easy.
It is not our job to judge them who did not understand, therefore there’s no point for us to use harsh word labeling those people as disrespectful etc.
Use kind words and actions to show them of what Islam is because that’s the core of our upbringing as a muslim.
P/s: Use Sharia Law or Undang-Undang Syariah instead of Hudud Law. Understand that Hudud is a form/class of punishment from many under the Sharia Law.
Wina Yassin

Haii~ I’ve shared your post. Hope you don’t mine (=

Its ok, its meant to be shared. 🙂

mind* hehe sorry

Well, its not just about the new law that concerns me, brunei has a crap future if u think about it. The standard of living in brunei is as if its still in the 90s, the tourism here is pretty crap and brunei is gnna run out of oil in 25 years or sumthing. Think about it, the law is already ruining the perception of other people from different countries, so im guessing brunei is gonna be so poor in the future.I think brunei is better without the law and i doubt that brunei is gonna cut peoples limbs or hold a public stoning so its pretty unessesary

Here is where positive thinking comes in.
If you believe that Brunei’s future will be crap, your version of Brunei’s future will be crap.
However, for every positive thinkers who knows that nobody knows what’s going to happen in the future, believes that the future is how you want to make it to be, be it crap or be it good.

After they implement the Hudud law, they found afews new Oil Rig that can last hundred years.. Read & Research.. May GOD bless U & bring U light im yr Path.

hoho but you still cant get married to another man or woman because thats THE LAW.

Gays and lesbians can get married in secular countries, they don’t have to go to Brunei

In Shaa Allah. Some of the kafir in this forum will become our brother/sister soon. With the will of Allah.
A lot of them doesn’t understand ISLAM. But those among the intelligence(if they are any in this forum) will not leave things just like that, I know they will open up the HOLY QURAN & fall head over heel in love with this beautiful religion. Amiin.

Aamiin. Umar RA was a kafir who wanted to kill the prophet (saw), but as soon as he understands islam, he became one of the prophet’s best friends and is buried next to the prophet (saw).

It’s been 1 week since Brunei implemented the law. I don’t see our airport is jammed with for
eigner who want to move out from here. But only yesterday I have got a new American neighbour who just move in 2 houses away from mine. He said his friend recommended him about our beloved country who have been working here for 8 yrs.

I’m not surprised, I know most of my lecturers (non-Bruneian and most of them non-Muslims) will only leave when their contract term as a lecturer is not renewed.

The concern is not for foreigners who can leave, but those who don’t believe in sharia but cannot leave.

Bob, I would suggest you come and visit us here, :). This place is really the abode of peace.
Most foreigners (at least the ones I encountered) were very very reluctant to leave Brunei.
There were those who left after two-three years, but most left after 15-30 years and some left after they decide to enter retirement.
The contract period for foreigners in Brunei (at least this is based on lecturers) are two years. After two years, it could end or it could be renewed. There were incidents where contract was recently renewed but the lecturer had to resign because her husband’s contract was not renewed.
I’m not sure if they could resign and leave the country before their first year in the country ends though.
The ones that I am pretty certain that cannot leave are those who were indentured to their private employment agencies to be low skill workers like housemaids, almost all of them are from Indonesia (not sure if the low skill workers from other countries were indentured as well) where they can only leave the country once their debt is paid in full and they have accumulated enough money back home. Again, contract period for them is two years, and they could choose to leave once their debt is paid, even if they’ve only been in the country for less than a year.
I’m not sure if there are any others who cannot leave Bob, as the two circumstances above was based from my own experience.

The problem not the law, but the “humans” enforcing the law. Just look at Indo Aceh, yes the women was wrong to commit adultery. But those enforcing the law feel that they are also “entitled” to rape her. Many other things which will be too long to put it here.
A country makes a decision respect to that, but others can agree or not agree. Whatever outcome face it.

In certain countries with Sharia, that’s true. Just look at Egypt, but at the same time, one needs to be positive.
Just because Sharia law was perhaps abused in one country, that does not mean that it can happen in another country.

I agree with Mr Mohd Firdaus.

In addition, although it was put forward the idea that everything in the holy book is flawless, I disagree naturally, but as I have never examined the book in details, I am not the best judge of that.

I am a deep believer of science and we have long passed the Aristotle times where things were believed without experiments. The argument about it being flawless is naturally flawed. When you can’t find a flaw, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. But being unable to find it, your confidence in its absence is increased.

With that said, I am actually quite OK with the new Syariah laws. (Note that I have seen both spellings for Shariah and Syariah being actively used here)

Also note that although I am not religious, I am not against Islamic teachings. However, I believe the IMPLEMENTATION is a bit… over the limit. Just like Mr Mohd Firdaus said, it’s the ‘people.’

What you don’t know is that even after a long time of “cooking” of the laws, during implementation they remain confusing. It is quite commonly known here that the officers failed to answer basic questions when asked in a panel. It wasn’t well thought out, I am led to believe.

What raised non-Muslims’ furore is that the laws affected them. You, among many others, said the westerners ONLY focused on homosexuality. But do you know that you only focus on similar aspect as well?

Soon, non-Muslims are not allowed to eat/drink in public during Ramadan. (Before you correct my spelling, multiple versions are used here in Brunei) In addition, I add the point about not drinking in front of Muslims.
>> I understand that this can be a bad influence to Muslims, but about the food/drink, didn’t you Muslims have to TAHAN it because after all IT’S A TEST? So eating and drinking is an offence? What is the point in fasting?
As you see, I have never heard of food consumption during Ramadan being an offence in Malaysia.

So clearly from this point, you can disprove the question “why fear when you’re not a criminal.” I am sure anyone can agree eating and drinking is not a criminalising act.

Do you know that since Malays (Muslims) are the majority here, and they occupy everywhere, there is NO place for non-Muslim to eat or drink? In my school, they occupy everywhere. My friends were forced to eat in toilets. Do you even know things like this happened?

During Ramadan, for workers/students who stayed out for the whole day, are they forced to fast as well? Or are they forced to eat secretly like criminals?

Syariah is welcomed by most Muslims here (mind you: not ALL. Because I heard a few are not happy) But it will even be more welcomed if it targets less of non Muslims and more of Muslims, because after all, this is Syariah. It’s Islam. We non Muslims have nothing to do with Islam (apart from being in an Islamic country), and for that reason, we don’t think we should be included too much in the laws.

Mr Reflector, I welcome you to dispute my arguments. It is always good (and scientific) to know both sides of a story instead of irrationally sticking with an idea. I would also like your input on the food matter. (I am particularly against that as I have medical conditions to not starve)

Thank you.

1. The only reason why I raised up sodomy is because it was this small issue that made the West go overblow on Sharia. Of course there is more to Sharia than just sodomy/homosexuality.
The version of Sharia that Brunei is using is a mix of Sharia prescribed by the Quran and Sunnah (hadd, qisas, diyat, arsy and bad-al-sulh) and ta’zir (man-made laws). As Muslims, we believe whatever that is prescribed by the Quran and Sunnah is perfect, but ta’zir will be imperfect because it is man-made.
2. The only offences applicable to Non-Muslims are:
A. Theft, robbery, murder (causing death), causing hurt, contempt towards the Prophet Muhammad SAW, deriding verses from Quran & hadith, indecent behaviour and disrespecting Ramadan.
B. These only apply to non-Muslims subject to circumstances:
B1. Adultery/premarital sex – IF committed with a Muslim
B2. Drinking liquor in public places (like in the middle of the Bandar/not in private functions)
B3. Khalwat (being in close proximity) with a Muslim of the opposite gender.
3. On eating in public during Ramadan, as you mentioned school, I would assume you are a student (correct me if I’m wrong), you (or your friends) can appeal to the Principal if the school can offer a room away from the Muslim students for you to eat during Ramadan or you can ask your non-Muslim teachers if you can join them when they have their meals in school during Ramadan.
If the school can’t provide a place and your break time does not coincide with your teachers, you can politely and respectfully ask your fellow students who are Muslim to either go out of the classroom when you eat or warn them that you are going to eat and ask them to look the other way.
The reason why everyone (including Muslim girls who cannot fast because it’s the time of the month) cannot eat in public during day time in Ramadan not because the Muslims ‘cannot tahan’ as you put it but to respect the holy month of Ramadan.

I see… Thank you very much for your explanation. It really helped a lot by putting me into perspective. I agree with what you said.

The new laws was implemented with so much ambiguity that many people didn’t know if it would be an offence for non-Muslim to do things like singing the national anthem. (And only now we know for sure the answer is negatory) The point is we are still very under informed. Just have to wait…

Thank you for this beautiful write up. Very clear and easily understood. I just hope that others will get to read this and come to an understanding before they come to judge Brunei’s Sultan blindly with his actions to implement the law.

Dear Bob and Zee Lin,

I too have muslims and non- muslim friends. Since you communicate in English, I highly encourage you to go to the Islamic centres in your country/cities to check out facts about the Islamic laws. They are created with compassion, Logically acceptable too. God knows god’s creation very well. There will might be gays and lesbians in this world as it was already mentioned in the Qur’an. The gays and lesbians in the Qur’an did something so outright that there’s no turning back for them.

In terms of Bruneians as muslims that will not visit other non muslim country, I’m afraid that it is a very narrow minded idea. Brunei used to have non – muslims in their country and the activities that follows them which means they are exposed to secularism too.

Bob, when a non-Muslim unfamiliar with Islam starts asking tiny weeny details and questions everything, it’s a sign of being afraid that freedom of speech and act is ‘forcefully’ taken away from the person. It is alright to be afraid as humans are naturally afraid of the unknown?

What I’m trying to say is I’m a Muslim and I question every law and advice that comes from Qur’an and Hadith during my youth. This is a test of whether Islam is indeed the true religion that ought to be followed. I found my answers and yup I’m proud to be a Muslim. In fact, I looked upon Brunei in admiration as it is not easy to carry out sharia laws in this day and age. Suppression would come in the form of not allowing hudud laws when it’s already decided by the people of a country and its leaders. Bob, are you practicing double standards as Islam only have ONE standard to follow as Allah has perfected Islam as a religion?

Double standards suppress freedom of speech and act, you know.

Thanks Zuraidah. Well said.

I’m not sure what you are asking me here or where I have shown double standards..

Wow! amazing how you apologetics go to oldschool explanations to defend sharia law! I am a Muslim, but I have deep distrust and skepticism about this implementation of sharia criminal law in Brunei. Yes, we all know of the stringent ideals of sharia law! The requirements etc. These are all ideals! It did not stop the kings ever since the Umayyads from abusing it to kill opponents. It did not stop Saudis from executing Indonesian maids who lashed out at their abusive bosses. It’s supposed fairness and justice did not stop Kemal Ataturk from destroying the ottoman empire! The law is one thing. Fair implementation is another completely different thing. And I laugh at the attempt of a monarchy which has different levels of society from the royals to the commoners, which is an injustice in itself, try to implement an Islamic justice system! Your governmental system in itself is unIslamic! Sharia in brunei will only make things worse for both te country and the religion. There is no saving you now!

Again, what happens in one country may not happen in another. You are generalising there.
If (this is big if) what you said come true (let’s pray to Allah that it does not come true), then the parties involved is accountable in the eyes of Allah.
Allah is Most Fair. If He does not inflict the punishment in this life, He will do so in the Hereafter.

Many countries in the west were once supposedly Christian states, but the kings and church abused their power in many ways. Secular states were created to prevent this abuse of power. Perhaps this history, can help you understand why many in the west are suspicious of religious laws implemented by the state.

Yeah, I understand what you mean. A companion of the prophet Muhammad (his name is Salman Al-Farisi, meaning Salman of Persia, because he was Persian), he was once a disciple of a very corrupt Church leader, before he studied with a few pious Church leaders and it was from one of these Church leaders that he learned about the Prophet ans subsequently became a Muslim.
I remembered learning on how in the West, science was disconnected from religion, and it was because scientists were executed by the Church because of their findings that went against the Church’s doctrines. In the Muslim world prior to the fall of the Abbasid dynasty, it was the other way around, science was connected to religion, to a point where an Imam (the guy who leads the prayer) during that time period need to not only be knowledgeable in matters regarding religion, but he needs to know his sciences as well.
The same goes with the implementation of Sharia law, prior to colonisation, it was the law practiced by most Muslim-majority countries, and implementation of it was limited to family law at that time and continues until now in most Muslim-majority country that were once colonized (or placed under a Protectorate agreement).
There is a concept of accountability in islam where a person is held accountable for whatever act that he did in this life. Thus, though there might be unjust judges and scholars (like in Egypt with the death sentence placed upon hundreds of innocent people) these people who were treated unjustly believes that though the State/judge might be unjust to them, they have God to whom they could place their trust in and God is never unjust. A scholar would be better in explaining this concept than me, so it’s good to refer to them.

Surely (as for) those who believe then disbelieve, again believe and again disbelieve, then increase in disbelief, Allah will not forgive them nor guide them in the (right) path.
Those who take the unbelievers for guardians rather than believers. Do they seek honor from them? Then surely all honor is for Allah.
And indeed He has revealed to you in the Book that when you hear Allah’s communications disbelieved in and mocked at do not sit with them until they enter into some other discourse; surely then you would be like them; surely Allah will gather together the hypocrites and the unbelievers all in hell.
Lo! the hypocrites seek to beguile Allah, but it is He Who beguileth them. When they stand up to worship they perform it languidly and to be seen of men, and are mindful of Allah but little;
Swaying between this (and that), (belonging) neither to these nor to those. He whom Allah causeth to go astray, thou (O Muhammad) wilt not find a way for him:
And it behoves not a believing man and a believing woman that they should have any choice in their matter when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter; and whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he surely strays off a manifest straying.
And when you said to him to whom Allah had shown favor and to whom you had shown a favor: Keep your wife to yourself and be careful of (your duty to) Allah; and you concealed in your soul what Allah would bring to light, and you feared men, and Allah had a greater right that you should fear Him.
Typical traits of ID card muslims shown….
Umayyad? anti monarchy? = shia….
Wallahu alam
May hidaya be given to u…

Its primary basis is that as Allah Almighty is the Creator, Master and Real Patron of the Universe and Man, He alone is Man’s Ruler. He alone has the right to give Man faith (Din and Law – system of belief and practice) and judge the disputes of man and tell what is Truth and what is falsehood. No other being has any right whatever to be man’s lawgiver. In other words, like the natural sovereignty, the sovereignty with regard to lawmaking also vested only in Allah. No man or creature, apart from Allah, can be the bearer of this sovereignty. And if a person does not accept this Divine rule of Allah, it is merely futile for him to recognize the natural Sovereignty of Allah.
On this very basis has Allah ordained a Din (True Religion for Man from the very beginning. It was one and the same Religion that was vouchsafed in every age to all the Prophets. No Prophets ever founded any separate religion of his own. The same one Religion has been enjoined by Allah for all mankind since the beginning of creation, and all the Prophets have been following it and inviting others to follow it.
This Religion and Creed was not sent so that man may rest content only with believing in it, but it was sent with the purpose and intention that it alone should be introduced, established and enforced in the world, and no man made religion be made to prevail in Allah’s earth apart from his religion. The Prophets have not been appointed only to preach this Religion but to establish it particularly in the world.
This same was the original Religion of mankind, but after the death of the Prophets, selfish people created new creeds by creating schisms for vested interests due to self-conceit, vanity and ostentation. All the different religions and creeds found in the world today have resulted from corruption of the original Divine Truth.
Now, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be Allah’s peace) has been sent so that he may present before the people the same original Religion in place of the various practices and artificial creeds and man-mad religions, and may try to establish the same. On this, if instead of being grateful, you feel angry and come out to fight him, it is your folly; the Prophet will not abandon his mission only because of your foolishness. He has been enjoined to adhere to this faith at all costs and to carry out the mission to which he has been appointed. Therefore, the people should not cherish any false hope that in order to please them he would cater to the same whims and superstitions of ignorance which has corrupted Allah’s Religion before.
Tafseer Sayyid A’la Maududi

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